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Uncovering Your Style: Personalized Interior Design for Your Home

By Melanie Pellegrini, Pellegrini Design

Are you considering redesigning a room in your home but don't know where to start? Perhaps you’re inspired by trends you’ve seen online or on TV, but are they really your style? What does "style" even mean? Do trends define style?

While I often begin projects by discussing design ideas and exploring images of stylish interiors, I don’t anchor my designs to any single style or trend—and neither should you!

Designing a room or an entire home should be a thoughtful process that represents the personality, lifestyle, and mood of the family living there. My approach always starts with an in-depth workshop to uncover the wants, needs, lifestyle, and personal moments that shape a family's true personality. This way, we can create a unique design that not only reflects their personality, but also evokes the positive feelings and moods they want each room to inspire.

For example, a retired couple who might want their family room to reflect cherished memories, such as family vacations, special occasions, and hobbies would share photos, words and objects that would serve as the foundation to define the verbal and visual language of the design.

Here are some tips to help you craft a unique vision board for your redesign:

  • Draw Inspiration from Personal Experiences: Instead of searching for generic room images, think about places where you’ve felt special or comfortable. Reflect on memorable vacation spots, hotels, inns, restaurants, shops, or museums.

  • Find Colors that Speak to You: Identify colors that make you feel good. Look for inspiration in flowers, book covers, clothing stores, art, and pottery. Take photos of the colors that catch your eye.

  • Focus on Activities and Experiences: Consider the primary activities that will take place in the room. What are your best experiences doing these activities? Find images that represent the ways and objects that enhance these activities. For example, if you love reading, think about your ideal reading posture, preferred lighting, and whether you enjoy a quiet nook or being more connected to those around you.

By gathering images from personal memories, preferences, experiences, and feelings, you'll begin to see a design vision emerge. This vision will guide your design ideas and selections, ensuring your space truly reflects who you are and your unique style!

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