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Welcome to Our New Design Intern: Jessica

We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to our team: our new intern, Jessica! Bringing her enthusiasm, innovative ideas, and fresh perspective, Jane is set to infuse our workplace with renewed energy and creativity.

About Jess

Jessica is currently a second year graduate student at Endicott College, majoring in Interior Architecture and Design. Her academic prowess is matched by her can do attitude and eagerness to dive into all things design! 

What I love about interior design:

I love being able to curate spaces for someone and solve problems with a creative take. I am

able to create functional spaces that can change the way people feel in a space as well as meet their needs and wants in their design.

What is my superpower:

My super power in the field of design is having the ability to step into a space and imagine how I can make changes to positively impact the user experience.

Favorite Hobby:

I am a beer connoisseur who loves finding new, local, craft breweries.

Favorite Animal:

Dog, especially my dog Brewer!

Biggest Influence on who you are today:

I feel I have had many people who have influenced me throughout different points in my life.

Growing up my parents certainly influenced who I was in high school and college, allowing me

to grow into a hard working adult. Within my first career, my boss became a major influence

teaching me how to navigate the position I was in and allowing me to thrive where I was. Today, my friends within the design field have influenced me, showing me how to thrive in a field where I am passionate and it influences me to constantly challenge myself to become a better designer.

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